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Our Beers to Go

We offer our beer in a few different sizes for your convenience.

At our beer store we are now selling pre-filled 2 litre growlers of all our brands.  The cost is $11.00 ($13.00 for premium brands) with a $9.00 refundable deposit on the bottle itself.  Stop by anytime and discover the newest most economical way of enjoying fine Granite ales.

We are now able to supply party kegs.  Call the brewery today and get all the details.  We will often require three or four days notice to fill keg orders.  Call the brewery for details.  902.422.4954.

Keg Details

 2 Litre20 Litre30 Litre50 Litre
Keg Type Growler Sankey Sankey Sankey
Dispensing Equipment N/A Pump Pump Pump
Price $11.00 $103.50 $138.00 $218.50
Deposit $9.00 100.00 $100.00 $100.00
Number of 12 oz glasses 5.5 58 88 146

Beers Available

 2 Litre20 Litre30 Litre50 Litre
Best Bitter Yes No No No
Best Bitter Special Yes No No No
Peculiar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ringwood Yes Yes Yes Yes
Greenman Organic Yes No Yes Yes
Hopping Mad Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keefe's Irish Stout Yes Yes Yes Yes

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, drop on in, or send us a question via the contact form.



  A Granite Growler - 2 Litres of brewery fresh beer.