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Would you like to offer your customers something different? The Granite Brewery has a wide range of beers that include the well known Peculiar Strong Ale. Also, we have recently introduced our Greenman Organic Ale which is a light amber colour and 4.3% ABV.

Below is all the information that you need to begin serving Granite Brewery products to your customers. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Beer Store.

ProductKeg SizeNSLC Order NumberComments
Best Bitter 38L 1001192 Real Ale, Requires hand pump*
Best Bitter 53L 1001218 Real Ale, Requires hand pump*
Greenman Organic 30L Beer Store Standard
Greenman Organic 50L Beer Store Standard
IPA 30L Beer Store Standard
IPA 50L Beer Store Standard
Irish Stout 50L 1001182 Standard
Peculiar 30L Beer Store** Standard
Peculiar 38L 1001181 Real Ale, Requires hand pump*
Peculiar 50L Beer Store Standard
Peculiar 53L 1001216 Real Ale, Requires hand pump*
Ringwood 58L 1001215 Standard

*Serving real ale requires a hand pump and a significant space investment as kegs have to sit for 24 hours before being served
**These kegs have not yet been listed with the NSLC, to order please call the Beer Store at 902.422.4954 or 902.471.2162